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Apollo13 = P75 x Genius

P75 = Princess Back Crossed

Our version of Apollo13 is used in some of our crosses and projects but is no longer available.

Genius is the sister to Princess. Princess and Genius came from a Jack Herrer bud purchased by Soul in Amsterdam. They are extremely rare sister plants now and are quite possibly extinct.

Soul was the top breeder of the boutique seed bank known as The Brothers Grimm and it all started with those Jack Herrer Seeds.

The story goes that Soul brought those seeds back from Amsterdam and planted them. He came up with 3 different and very special female plants.


They all were heavily coated with a thick layer of trichomes and finished very fast. The 3 different plants were so special to Soul that he named each one.

Genius, the mother of Apollo13 is known to offer a creative kind of thinking high. Soul noted that he loved to smoke Genius before he played guitar.

P75 or Princess75 was the result of the first Princess back cross. Princess is the mother of the renowned Cinderella line. Soul went on to back cross Princess at least 2 more times and created Cinderella88 and the extremely famous Cinderella99.

Soul crossed selected P75 and Cinderella99 males to Genius to make Apollo13 and Apollo11. It's often mistaken that C88 male offspring were used to create Apollo13 but that's not the case, Soul never released a cross of C88 and Genius. Only 500 Apollo13 seeds were ever released from The Brothers Grimm. It's amazing that Soul never pursued Apollo13 further, many think it was his greatest work.

The breeder of Tricloud Genetics was extremely fortunate to acquire Apollo13 F2 seeds from 2 separate individuals who had the insight to create them. From the first pack of Apollo13 F2 seeds we found this amazing lemon candy skunk smelling plant. It was grown out with 12 Original Brothers Grimm Apollo11 plants grown from seed and shined as the pick of the litter. After testing all the plants from that grow we found our hunches to be right. That Apollo13 plant was above and beyond the best tasting and packed the most punch of the 13 Apollo plants. Surprisingly there was a huge difference between Apollo13 and Apollo 11.

That Apollo13 plant became our favorite and we grew it for years. Knowing all good things eventually come to an end we decided it was our duty to create seeds to ensure the Apollo13 lineage would live on. We didn't expect to get a line that was so close to the original mother but after only 1 "back cross" to the original mother we came up with something quite stable. The taste, smell, trichome coverage, low leaf ratio and potency have been stabilized. Our Apollo13 does NOT hermie, we have tested and retested. That's a lot to claim and we know it. Our goal was to preserve those 6 traits and to be honest, it wasn't that difficult to accomplish.

There is slight variation in structure but most plants exhibit slender sativa looking leaves and have thin branches and stalks. Our Apollo13 needs to be staked or grown in scrog. This is the strains weakest link but it can be easily over come and the quality of the finished product far outweighs the slight hassle of staking or trellising. The thin stems are actually a benefit in the end. Your patients will not only appreciate the extreme quality of your medicine, they will also love the low stem weight.

Apollo13 has a distinctly delicious lemon Pezz candy smell and flavor. It's smoke is very smooth, uplifting and long lasting. Apollo13 is one of those rare plants that hardly needs a cure. It's smooth to smoke after a 7-10 day slow dry if not over fed. Of course a short cure makes it taste all that much better.

We like to take this one when the trichomes are around 10% amber to get that electric uplifting effect. Apollo13 is very fast, 45 - 55 days is enough to finish most plants but don't let the short flower time fool you. Apollo13 is strong medicine, excellent for pain and many other conditions. It's also been noticed by some to have somewhat of an aphrodisiac effect.

Our Apollo13 produces TOP quality RED FULL MELT bubble hash. You won't believe how smooth and exotic tasting this full melt hash is. If you grow Apollo13 you owe it to yourself to own a good set of bubble bags. The full melt hash comes from the 45 and 73 micron screens. You may have to save your trim for a while though, Apollo13 is not leafy and it's the easiest plant to manicure we have ever grown. The trim you do collect will be covered with delicious trichomes.

Apollo13 is sativa dominate medicine that grows very dense nuggets. Expect to produce at least 1.25 lbs per 1000 watt HPS every 50 days or so once a good clone has been selected.

Tricloud Genetics only offers seeds to legal Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. Tricloud Genetics does not sell seeds but we do offer them to legal Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers who make a certain size donation.