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Apollolicious Seeds
Apollolicious Indica Dominate Phenotype

Apollolicious is no longer available through Tricloud Genetics.

Apollolicious =  Apollo13 x Bubblegum

This is a great cross. A small batch has already been tested and approved. We expect our next batch of Apollolicious to be ready by the end of the year 2010.

The taste of this cross is indescribably delicious. The bubblegum mom we used is a special clone that is over 30 years old and came from Indiana before it went over seas.

This original Bubblegum mom tastes like pink bubblegum and has a very euphoric high. The cured flowers are very smooth tasting.

Our sativa dominate Apollo13 F2 mother also had a very euphoric even aphrodisiac kind of effect. Crossing Apollo13 to Bubblegum turned out to be an excellent idea.

Both Apollo13 and our special Bubblegum clone exhibit extreme resin production and tight dense buds. Bubblegum has excellent structure which is Apollo13's weakest trait and Bubblegum gave the Apollolicious cross excellent structure.
Apollolicious Seeds
Apollolicious Sativa Dominate Phenotype

This cross brings two excellent strains together and gave us the best of both worlds. Better flavor, excellent yield, extreme resin production, euphoria, pain relief, potency and a strong back bone.

Apollolicious is fast, only 60 days in the flower room.

Tricloud Genetics only offers seeds to legal Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. Tricloud Genetics does not sell seeds but we do offer them to legal Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers who make a certain size donation.